i like music

if you really wanna read more about me, click the "me" link. otherwise, onto the important bit

featured demo mixes

whomble - a bass-heavy mix designed for maximum dancefloor destruction. remember kids, terrorism's okay if you're just terrorizing ravers and clubs with loud noises

lysis - heavy electro fusion with influences from across the spectrum including dubstep, idm, techno, and house. dance if you dare; this one goes all-out to try and find at least something you'll enjoy

doobschtapfe - a heavily dubstep-influenced mix featuring some cutting-edge stuff, some tracks off the first dubstep album i encountered, and also some supergenre representation

firemoon - several eclectic subgenres tightly internally tied and elegantly patched together. electro, breaks, bass, breakcore, house, dubstep, mashup... there's something here to irritate everyone!

kruos - aka joey's birthday set. mad chiptune/uk funky/house stylings

cuesheets (and hence track lists) are available to those smart enough to find them. it's not that hard, seriously

other random mixes

i can't guarantee the quality of these, but on the other hand, some of these are, in my opinion, even better than the above mixes. the difference is focus, accessibility, and style. top mixes are, imo, better than bottom ones. some of these have cuesheets, but some don't

about this layout

this layout is based on the photograph these are all ghosts of the night by flickr user mugley

i use this wonderful free flash mp3 player

the graphics were further hacked and remixed by yours truly

all code was lovingly hand-crafted in vim until i got the sweet fckeditor frontend working

because lawyers need love too, all graphical content is licensed under the same terms as the photograph


i like cats, don't you? =^_^=